Sat, Sep 6 - The Bad River Bar in St. Charles
Classic  Rock,      Dance  Rock,
Your Favorite Rock!
We're back to the 702 Club on
Jefferson in Midland. This will
definitely be a party!!!!!

Can't quite keep the video links
on here working, but try DAY 8's
NEW facebook page for many
pictures and videos of Mick Furlo
and DAY 8:
DAY 8 are seasoned
musicians in the
Tri-City Michigan
area, playing  the
Rock you enjoy, as
close  to the way you
remember first
hearing it on the radio
and having a party
doing it!
With DAY 8's
new line-up
you'll see Junior
Cantu with lead
vocals and
rhythm & lead
guitar, Mick
Furlo with
vocals and lead
and rhythm
guitar and
Jeff and Mark
continue to
bring you one
of the most
solid rhythm
sections you will
hear in the area
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our site:
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site, there are a lot
of links on some of
the pages so have
fun exploring!
*Your Day to Party - DAY 8*
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musical equipment
and/or PA equipment
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